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Mats Inc. Announces New Company President in 2010

By FAF Staff Writer, (387 words) Posted in Rubber Flooring on December 11, 2009
There are (59) comments permalink

Effective March 1, 2010, Scott Robichaud will assume the role of President at Mats Inc. After thirteen years as President and CEO Barry Hume will be leaving Mats Inc. to pursue other career opportunities.

Stoughton, MA (PRWEB) December 11, 2009 –– Mats Incorporated announced today that Barry Hume, President and CEO of Mats Inc., has chosen to leave the company as of March 1, 2010 to pursue other career opportunities. Scott Robichaud, current Senior Vice President of the company, was named by the board to succeed Hume as President.

Commenting on today’s announcement, John Schiffmann, shareholder at Mats Inc., said, “Under Barry’s leadership we have refined our market strategy, built brand distinction and strengthened our presence significantly in key North American markets. We are sad to see him leave Mats Inc. after more than thirteen successful years, but at the same time we wish him all the best for his future.”

"It has been incredibly rewarding for me and we have achieved a lot together,” said Barry Hume. “We have introduced an increasing number of new products, grown market share, built strong dealer relationships and, perhaps most importantly, laid the foundation for the long term growth and success of Mats Inc. I have been privileged to lead a team of dedicated and passionate professionals at Mats Inc. and I wish them every success under the leadership of my successor, Scott Robichaud. Scott has made significant contributions to Mats Inc’s growth in his role as SVP of Sales over the last four years and I am confident that he and his team will continue to maintain Mats Inc.’s leadership in this industry," he added.

Scott Robichaud, 41, joined Mats Inc in 2006 as the Senior Vice President of Sales. Before joining Mats Inc., he spent 16 years in various leadership positions including three years as Executive Vice President at Asahi/America Inc. Throughout his career, Robichaud has developed strong customer relationships, built talented teams and found innovative ways to grow businesses. Robichaud holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from Boston College.

About Mats Inc.

Founded in 1971, Mats Inc. is a family–owned business delivering quality commercial matting and innovative specialty flooring solutions. Customers rely on Mats Inc. for functional, aesthetic and environmentally–friendly product innovations across three lines of business: Entrance Systems, Matting and Specialty Products; Sports Flooring; and Contract Flooring. For more information about Mats Inc. visit www.matsinc.com.

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Comments (59)

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