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Pro Blog

New Design Possibilities with Armstrong's MEDINTONE and MEDLEY

By Stacey Kosha, (160 words) Posted in New Floor Products on July 10, 2009
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Armstrong World Industries, a leader in the design and manufacturing of floor coverings, ceilings, and cabinets, has recently introduced two new lines of resilient flooring to the market: MEDINTONE and MEDLEY. Armstrong's MEDINTONE resilient floors offer 64 new design possibilities due to the use of CONTINIUUM, their exclusive coloring system. MEDLEY features color variations and, with its 32 contrasting chip designs, helps to hide dirt as well as most subfloor imperfections. These floors have been designed by Armstrong's design team, working in corroboration with architects and interior designers to meet current flooring design trends.

If you own a retail flooring store or online retail website and are looking for a new line of resilient flooring products with a soft, tonal appearance, MEDINTONE or MEDLEY may be the perfect addition. These resilient floors have a mid–range price point, making them affordable under many budgets. For more on the new design possibilities available with Armstrong's MEDINTONE and MEDLEY resilient flooring lines, visit Armstrong.com.

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Comments (24)

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