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Daimer Intros Steam Carpet Cleaners & Hard Floor Cleaners

By FAF Staff Writer, (825 words) Posted in Care and Maintenance on August 24, 2009
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New Daimer heated carpet cleaners and non–heated hard floor cleaners are now available for residential and commercial use. The Xtreme Power carpet cleaners come equipped not only to steam clean your carpets, but can also clean vinyl, linoleum, stone, and tile flooring surfaces with its wand tool. To learn about the new carpet steam cleaners and hard surface floor cleaner read more about Daimer's products below.

Woburn, MA, August 24, 2009 –– Daimer Industries said its is now shipping its XTreme Power® XPH–5810CH line of carpet cleaners, which include a unique attachment for many kinds of hard flooring.

These new dual–function, heated carpet cleaners provide a wide range of features

The special hard surface cleaning attachment works on most porous and non–porous surfaces. It's ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, outside decks, walkways, even garage floors.

"These new dual–function, heated carpet cleaners provide a wide range of features," said Matthew Baratta, Daimer spokesman. "The special hard surface cleaning attachment works on most porous and non–porous surfaces. It's ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, outside decks, walkways, even garage floors."

For cleaning carpet, these dual function machines offer the popular features found in other XTreme Power® carpet cleaners, such as low–flow technology for fast drying and heated carpet cleaning provided by a tank heating element. The machines generate pressure levels of up to 100 psi. For suction, the carpet cleaners include a powerful 2–stage vacuum motor, water lift of 100 inches and airflow of 100 CFM. The carpet cleaners are equipped with a 10–inch single jet carpet wand; optional wands for upholstery/spot cleaning and stairs are available at additional cost.

For hard surface cleaning, the machines employ a 12–inch, enclosed four–jet squeegee wand tool, which allows for non–heated cleaning and simultaneous extraction on sealed vinyl floors, sealed and unsealed concrete, linoleum, tile, limestone, marble, and other sealed and non–sealed surfaces.

The XTreme Power® 5810CH carpet cleaners sport 4.5–gallon solution tanks and 4.5–gallon recovery tanks. The XTreme Power® brand also includes the 9300 line of commercial systems and the 5000 line of home and small business carpet cleaning machines.

XTreme Power® XPHndash;9300 carpet extractors offer steam cleaning and key features, such as high–capacity solution tanks and super–fast drying times. The machines sport 17–gallon solution tanks and 15–gallon recovery tanks. Daimer's low–flow technology means less fluid is used, so the tanks last longer and cleaning professionals can work for extended periods without stopping. In addition, the low7ndash;flow technology means carpets get less damp, and dry in approximately 2 hours.

The XPH–9300 carpet extractors have 2 inline heating elements and generate steam with temperatures up to 210 F. The machines have 2 powerful 2–stage motors, air flow of 200 CFM and water lift of 150 inches. The products generate pressure levels of up to 100 psi.

The carpet cleaners come with a 12–inch dual–jet wand, 25 feet of solution hose and 25 feet of vacuum hose. Other wands are available at added cost and include one for upholstery/spot cleaning and another for stairs. This line is composed of four machines for home, business and auto detailing. The systems offer recovery and solutions tanks of 2 gallons or more. Daimer®'s low-flow technology in these systems allows carpets to dry in as little as 2 hours, depending on the model.

All four machines offer pressure levels starting at 60 psi and featuring a powerful 2–stage motor. Each machine includes a 10 inch single jet, stainless steel head. The 1600 watt machines weigh 40 pounds or less. The carpet shampooers come with a 10 inch single jet wand and at least 12 feet of solution hose and 12 feet of vacuum hose. Optional wands include one for upholstery/spot cleaning and another for stairs.

The XPH–5400I machines include 2 inline heating elements that produce steam with temperature as high as 210 F. The equipment has one 2–stage motor and air flow of 90 CFM and water lift of 80 inches. The machines come with12 feet of solution hose and 12 feet of vacuum hose. The most compact unit in the 5000 line, the XPH–5400I weighs only 30 pounds.

The heated XPH–5800T systems sport 4.5–gallon solution tanks and 4.5–gallon recovery tanks. These carpet cleaners sport a tank heating element that generates steam temperatures of up to 150ºF. For suction the machines offer airflow of 100 CFM and 100 inches of water lift. The equipment comes with 20–foot solution hoses and 20–foot vacuum hoses and weighs 40 pounds.

The heated XTreme Power® XPH–5900I represents the high–end of the 5000 line and can be used as industrial carpet extractors. The equipment includes 4.5–gallon solution tanks and 4.5–gallon recovery tanks. These machines include 2 powerful inline heating elements and generate steam temperatures of up to 210F. For suction power, the 5900I offers 100 inches of water lift and 100 CFM. The machines come with 20-foot solution hoses and 20–foot vacuum hoses and weigh 40 pounds.

The XTreme Power® XPC–5700 is a non–heated machine designed for residential and commercial customers. The XPC–5700 boasts 100 inch of water column lift and 100 CFM of airflow. The machine lets the operator add water up to 210 F. The carpet cleaner includes a 4.5 gallon solution tank and a 4 gallon recovery tank. The machine comes with a 20–foot solution hose and a 20–foot vacuum hose.

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Comments (26)

Kenny W posted on: September 5, 2009

For a moment there I thought I was going to read about steam cleaning laminate and hardwood flooring. How is it those companies are still in business? Surely many floors have been ruined by their so called "safe on all types of flooring" bull___.

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