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The green flooring blog keeps your up to date on all things eco friendly floor related. New to green living or already an expert on the subject? This blog is the place to share information and ideas on green flooring. Exchange green tips with other flooring bloggers and learn how green flooring can make your home more environmentally friendly. To view more flooring blog posts, visit the main floor blog at FindAnyFloor.com.

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Green Blog

Recycled Glass Tile Floors

By FAF Staff Writer, (443 words) Posted in Tile Flooring on August 21, 2009
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Glass tiles have an incredible unique charm when used for flooring. The appeal of glass tiles cannot be matched by other flooring materials. They are available in any color to suit any interior decoration scheme. Glass floor tiles glint and reflect light to create a radiant atmosphere. Frosted tiles have a cool, icy appeal about them while bubble glass tiles feature bubbles embedded in the tile.

Recycled glass tiles are one obvious flooring choice in today's "green oriented," eco–friendly world. They rate highly in the Green Building Rating System of the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Recycled glass tile flooring is truly eco–friendly because they keep landfills free of glass while giving the raw material a second lease of life.

Despite the fact these tiles are made of recycled material, there is no compromise on their aesthetic appearance or durability. Recycled tiles match all the criteria of glass tiles made with virgin silica.

Both original and recycled glass tile floors are available in a number of vivid colors and finishes. Some are made opalescent with a reflective backing or have an opaque color blended into the tile. Others are sandblasted or chemically treated for a matte, frosted finish. Recycled glass floor tiles can be of solid color or patterned in a number of different ways. They can even be cut in different geometric shapes.

Like virgin glass tiles, the recycled equivalent has a number of uses apart from flooring, like backsplashes over kitchen sinks or for creating a mosaic with other tiles. The recycled tiles used in flooring and counters are of heavier construction.

Recycled glass tiles make an ideal flooring option for consumers looking for a unique look and want eco–friendly floors. One advantage is that they can be installed above a heated sub–floor to conduct controlled heat evenly during the winter months.

Installation of glass tile flooring usually requires an experienced tile installer. Being translucent, the underlying surface calls for careful preparation as any imperfections, scratches and grooves will show through. Glass tiles need to be cut carefully which is where the expertise of professional installer comes in. The edges might require to be buffed or beveled to ensure no dangerous sharp edges remain after installation. Glass tiling must be properly grouted and sealed for maximum durability and to suitably protect the sub–floor. Sometimes glass tiles are mounted on planks which are then fitted together.

Recycled glass tile flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean. One drawback however is that they are liable to break or become scratched if not handled properly or if something is dropped on them. While both virgin and recycled glass tiles are moisture resistant, they are not the ideal choice for a kitchen floor unless they are patterned with a non–slip surface.

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Comments (22)

Kale Flagg posted on: March 5, 2013

Green building materials minimize any impact on the environment. They typically come from sources or recycled materials. - Kale Flagg

kajol posted on: August 9, 2013

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