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The green flooring blog keeps your up to date on all things eco friendly floor related. New to green living or already an expert on the subject? This blog is the place to share information and ideas on green flooring. Exchange green tips with other flooring bloggers and learn how green flooring can make your home more environmentally friendly. To view more flooring blog posts, visit the main floor blog at FindAnyFloor.com.

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Green Blog

Why is it Important to have Low VOC flooring in Your Home

By FAF Staff Writer, (253 words) Posted in Green Flooring on September 9, 2009
There are (65) comments permalink

Have you ever had new floors installed in your home and experienced a smell that made you stay at your sister’s house for the weekend? There is a reason certain smells are produced when remodeling your home and the likely answer is VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds are defined as carbon-based chemical compounds that vaporize under high pressure. These chemicals have been found in many flooring products including paints, adhesives, wall boards, sealers, oils, finishes, and stains. In new practice, low or no VOC formulas have been implemented into many floor products. Not only do the flooring products like adhesives and sealants get an update but flooring in general does too.

There are many low or lower VOC flooring types now available that include bamboo, linoleum, and cork. Most of these floors contain low VOCs depending on the products used to install, finish, or seal them.

Many flooring manufacturers are becoming involved in producing a low voc floor product to support human health and the planet earth. Some reasons why low VOC flooring is important:

  • Health: Exposure to high VOCs has been known to cause throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination, nausea, damage to liver and the central nervous system, fatigue and more.
  • Planet Earth: Reducing toxins other than natural fuels can help reduce exposure and provide a cleaner indoor and outdoor air quality.

Lower VOC flooring and no VOC floor products can change the way you think about your health, home, and new floor products you are shopping for. Decide to go green and choose an eco–friendly low or no VOC floor covering product today!

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Comments (65)

Rob J posted on: September 10, 2009

The flooring industry is certainly falling in line with the concerns of off-gassing. The recent shift toward the CARB standard is telling that the industry is evolving. And a great many factories do their own testing for this kind of thing, even before international testing.

Thanks for the post!

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anon posted on: August 29, 2013

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asdet posted on: March 23, 2014

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