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The green flooring blog keeps your up to date on all things eco friendly floor related. New to green living or already an expert on the subject? This blog is the place to share information and ideas on green flooring. Exchange green tips with other flooring bloggers and learn how green flooring can make your home more environmentally friendly. To view more flooring blog posts, visit the main floor blog at FindAnyFloor.com.

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Green Blog

Triexta - Mohawk and DuPont’s Kid and Allergy Safe Carpet Fibers

By Stacey Kosha, (299 words) Posted in Green Flooring on April 5, 2009
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SmartStrand® eco-friendly carpet by Mohawk® with DuPont® Sorona® polymerTriexta is an innovative carpet fiber used by Mohawk and DuPont that is allergy friendly and kid safe. Triexta, also known as PTT carpet fibers, was formerly grouped under the fiber class polyester. Polyester carpet has a negative preconception in the carpet market as a cheap carpet fiber. Triexta, on the other hand is a high end carpet fiber that is durable and incredibly soft. In addition, triexta carpet fibers have a built-in stain resistance that cannot be washed off, no matter how many times you vacuum or steam clean your carpet. As a result, most stains that would be a nightmare for polyester carpets are more easily cleaned with triexta carpet fibers, which is why triexta is considered kid friendly. In addition, triexta is inheritably mold and mildew resistant and is quick drying, making triexta a better carpet alternative for those with allergies and asthma.

For these reasons, Mohawk and DuPont jointly petitioned the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to have triexta carpet fibers placed into a subclass of their own, separate from standard polyester carpet fibers. After three years of waiting, the FTC finally granted Mohawk and DuPont’s request, and the triexta carpet fiber subclass was born. This is a huge accomplishment as the residential carpet industry hasn’t seen a fiber class extension since nylon in 1959.

You can find these kid friendly and allergy safe triexta carpet fibers in Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpets with DuPont Sorona renewable sourced polymer. In addition to being kid and allergy friendly, triexta made with DuPont Sorona is a green flooring choice as it is made with 37% corn sugar rather than being 100% petroleum based like polyester carpets. For more information on Mohawk and DuPont’s kid and allergy safe carpet fiber, triexta, visit www.mohawkflooring.com.

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Comments (90)

RemodelMom posted on: April 30, 2009

Allergy friendly and Child friendly.. why not kill two birds with one stone. This is great! Thanks very much for the blog. Been hearing all about this new Mohawk carpeting-I guess it's what happens when you start remodeling your home-it's all we ever talk about.

Rick posted on: May 18, 2009

bravo on this new Triexta taking the flooring world by storm. A wonderful piece of innovative technology to add to the vast array of ecofriendly ideas, brands, and themes.With Triextas built in stain protection Im sure of it hitting the shelves and not staying there long.

Jim posted on: July 7, 2009

While Triexta is a step up from PET and other polyester fibers, it is not a miracle fiber. There is no stain treatment applied, and therefore, spills will tend to soak into the fiber. These can be cleaned, but will require more attention than a similar spill to a carpet with Stianmaster treatment, or other stain treatments i.e. R2X from Shaw. I think Mohawk should be complimented on the splendid job of self promotion.

Randy M posted on: August 18, 2009

I would have to disagree with Jim. I think Triexta is going to be a very big deal in the carpet industry. I sell all the majors and I know that a lot of carpet dealers are excited about triexta and the fact that Mohawk has already been using it in SmartStrand. I would agree that nylon carpet still has its place, but lets not pronounce Triexta or SmartStrand dead yet when we have only begun to see the affects it is having in the carpet industry.

Mary posted on: September 2, 2009

I have to disagree with Jim about the stain issues with Sorona treixta - I am a consumer. I was very skeptical about this product since my family can destroy industrial carpet! I brought home a sample of this carpet and tried to ruin it with everything... I even soaked it in coffee (my husband's favorite mishap when reading the morning paper in bed), I smeared mustard into it as well as red wine. I couldn't believe that it all came out.. sometimes with just water and other times with a mild hand soap. Definitely -- I am sold on this stuff!! And I am also told that since the color is added when the fiber is in a molten state, it doesn't fade with sunlight. Soft, stain-free and fade-free -- what more can I ask for?!?

Tim Jordan posted on: September 2, 2009

While I know nothing about Smartstrand or Mohawk triexta, I think these claims are interesting and I am curious to see commercials or test results so that I can make an informed decision as to whether triexta is all hype or is the real deal.

Deb posted on: October 6, 2009

Stain resistance is not the only factor that can make your carpet look bad. Wear is an important factor and the old polyesters are notorious for crushing. When Dupont and Mohawk came out with the original Smartstrand, they said it was different from the old polyesters, but it packed in the high traffic areas. Mary, the more you can ask for is carpet that will retain its new like appearance. For my money, I'm sticking with Stainmaster.

Tina posted on: November 11, 2009

Old polys and crushing? Don't you mean shedding? Carpet yarns that are not heat set crush. Hi-Los and sparse lower end carpets crush. Carpets with low density or low face or yarn weight can crush. But crushing happens no more in a poly than it does in any other carpet fiber. The numerous complaints I get on "old" poly carpets are their tendency to shed. Polys were not manufactured using the continuous filament process, thus the shedding. Now, however the mills ARE using the process, though it may be too little too late as customers have been "soured" by the mere mention of polyester. I wouldn't suggest buying ANY residential carpet that isn't a "continuous filament" product. Triexta included.

carpetguru posted on: November 12, 2009

Its not just the fiber that makes determines a carpet's performance. It is also largely based on construction. A poorly made carpet will look awful in a short time regardless of the fiber.

Mills tend to push PET (the new generation of polyester fibers) when the price for nylon and PET are in favor of PET. "SmartStrand" however, is a great marketing adventure. The latest of these was the Smartstrand Challenge featuring Ricko the Rhino.

Do not be surprised if you see a marketing battle between the Stainmaster folk, and Mohawk. I am afraid that this may just confuse the consumer even more. Only longtime end users will set the record straight. For now, Triexta looks like a winner.

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