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The green flooring blog keeps your up to date on all things eco friendly floor related. New to green living or already an expert on the subject? This blog is the place to share information and ideas on green flooring. Exchange green tips with other flooring bloggers and learn how green flooring can make your home more environmentally friendly. To view more flooring blog posts, visit the main floor blog at FindAnyFloor.com.

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Green Blog

How to Measure for Tile

By Kirsten Kapsin, (357 words) Posted in Green Flooring on February 9, 2009
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The technique used to measure for tile floors is the same as you would use for all other floor types. Basically, you just need to know how large the room is in feet and inches - the retailer where you buy the tiles can figure out the rest. First, measure each wall with a tape measure. Note that you should always round the measurement up. It's better that you end up with extra tiles than be short a few in the middle of the installation process.

The floor estimator tools featured on FindAnyFloor.com can help you figure out the measurements to your installation area. Just plug in the measurements inside the appropriate fields and the floor estimator tool will generate how much floor material you'll need in square feet. For a more accurate estimation, use FindAnyFloor.com's advanced floor estimator tool. I was installing in a room that had two corner intrusions and found this to be extremely helpful.

With the advanced floor estimator tool you can choose one of the basic room shapes or build a custom layout. Design your own room on FindAnyFloor.com's virtual editor by dragging the walls until you have the size you need. You can also angle the walls if needed. The floor estimator tool also allows you to account for non-flooring areas such as fireplaces and kitchen islands. All in all, the floor estimator tool allows you to get a better approximation of the exact amount of tile flooring materials you'll need so you're not sending excess materials to the landfill. Let FindAnyFloor.com direct your tile installation down a greener path!

Consumers who need more direction in addition to a written set of instructions can find all the help they need on FindAnyFloor.com's FloorTube site. FloorTube is the YouTube of flooring, featuring videos on everything from flooring installation to proper cleaning techniques. Use FloorTube to see how you can lay tile flooring in your home just like a professional. You can find tile flooring videos that can literally show you every step of the installation process.


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Comments (50)

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