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The green flooring blog keeps your up to date on all things eco friendly floor related. New to green living or already an expert on the subject? This blog is the place to share information and ideas on green flooring. Exchange green tips with other flooring bloggers and learn how green flooring can make your home more environmentally friendly. To view more flooring blog posts, visit the main floor blog at FindAnyFloor.com.

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Green Blog

Adobe Floors - An Eco Friendly Flooring Option

By FAF Staff Writer, (253 words) Posted in Green Flooring on July 28, 2009
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With a driving emphasis on the use of eco–friendly floor materials, there is resurgence in recent years toward adobe flooring. This unique floor type particularly popular in parts of the world where people are concerned about a rapidly deteriorating environment. Adobe structures and flooring has a particular appeal in buildings aspiring for a natural, rustic appeal.

Adobe has several advantages in that it is environmentally friendly and a sustainable architecture. Adobe is naturally available, renewable and efficient. Adobe flooring is used in many parts of the world. Examples of adobe, used in architecture, are common in the American Southwest, Latin America and the Middle East. Adobe is the perfect building material for hot climates. It requires no timber, reinforcing its choice as an eco–friendly selection; it is easy to work with and has a pleasing appearance.

An ideal mix for Adobe flooring is 30% clay, fine sand and silt. Straw or Psyllium husk is added Adobe floors to give the mixture additional binding property, increasing its strength and reducing cracking. Initial tests using Portland cement mixtures indicated that the soil was somewhat expansive, but cracking of the floors is prevented by mixing with sand. Adobe flooring can be finished with two or three coats of sealer to obtain a high gloss finish.

Adobe floors carry the rich color of natural earth. The earthen raw materials have low thermal conductivity and high density making them passive solar devices. Adobe flooring captures and retains heat throughout the day and releases it at night. Nonetheless, adobe floors are known for their cool factor hence the traditional choice in several tropical countries.

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Comments (20)

Kale Flagg posted on: March 5, 2013

This is another positive trend that has developed.It only means that eco flooring is becoming more important to everyone. - Kale Flagg

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