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Green Blog

LEED Professional Credentialing Maintenance Program (CMP)

By FAF Staff Writer, (402 words) Posted in Green Building on September 25, 2009
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The Credentialing Maintenance Program (CMP) is intended to expand the knowledge and experience of LEED Professionals. The program has been structured to ensure on-going professional development of all LEED Professionals. In order to maintain all certifications awarded for passing any LEED examination conducted by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) it is mandatory for a candidate to accumulate continuing education (CE) hours over a period of two years from taking the exam. Such exams are:

  • LEED Green Associate and LEED AP Operations
  • Maintenance (O+M) credentials
  • LEED AP Homes
  • Building Design and Construction (BD+C)
  • Interior Design and Construction (ID+C)
  • Neighbor Development (ND)

This 2–year period following the date of award of the GBCI certificate or credential is called the reporting period or CMP reporting period. The CMP reporting period is reckoned from the exam date or CMP enrollment date and is valid up till 2 years minus 1 day from the start date. LEED Professionals are required to complete the mandatory ongoing education requirements within this 2–year reporting period.

Continuing Education (CE) hours

The term "CE hours" refers to the hours earned and accumulated from activities related to credentialing maintenance. To maintain their credential, LEED APs must earn 30 CE hours bi–yearly of which 6 hours must be LEED related. Similarly LEED Green Associates must earn 15 CE hours bi–yearly of which 3 hours must be LEED related. Depending on the nature of the activity, CE hours are calculated differently. This is elaborated more fully in the CMP Guide.

Education Reviewing Bodies (ERBs)

The professional development courses are reviewed and approved by organizations known as ERBs. Such courses relate to self–study courses on earlier determined acceptable standards for instructional design and technical content, and live presentations. If approved, such programs are acceptable to GBCI as approved continuing education for LEED Professionals.

Reporting credentialing maintenance

The onus is on the LEED Professional candidate to report all the earned CE hours online in the approved manner. Such intimation will entail no additional documentation unless audited. A LEED Professional can begin reporting their earned CE hours immediately after November 1, 2009, the date of launching of the reporting module. GBCI recommends the candidate recording any CE house earned in the intervening period from August 3, 2009, the launch of the CMP program, and the launch date of the reporting module.


Renewal of the credential can be done only by a LEED Professional who has fulfilled the CMP requirements on payment of the renewal fee of $50. This can be paid at any time during the reporting period and has no bearing on the start and end dates.

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Comments (125)

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