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Green Blog

CRI Approved Cleaning Products

By FAF Staff Writer, (382 words) Posted in Care And Maintenance on December 15, 2009
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Cleaner carpets for cleaner air

Only one step ensures the cleanliness of your carpet and by extension, the indoor air quality of your home, that is, regular vacuuming with a machine certified by the CRI.

Carpet fibers are natural traps for allergens and other particles and limit their continued circulation in the air. A CRI–certified vacuum effectively removes these allergens whilst sucking up the dust embedded in the carpet. It contains this allergen polluted dust within the machine so keeping them out of the air. Simultaneously, vacuums that do this, extend the life of the carpets and preserve their pristine appearance.

Rigid standards for indoor air quality and soil removal

CRI is on a constant search for vacuums that perform better than any in their earlier programs. CRI endeavors to achieve this by merging the indoor air quality of its Green Label vacuum program with the enhanced standards of its Seal of Approval program to raise the bar on standards of perfection. Manufacturers are required to meet more stringent standards that conform to the Seal of Approval vacuum program for which they are awarded with Gold, Silver or Bronze ratings. The CRI appointed independent testing laboratory measures:

  • Soil Removal. The soil removal performance of a machine is precisely measured with NASA improved X-Ray fluorescent technology. The entry level bronze standard calls for a 10 percent increase in soil removal above that contained in the Green Label program with corresponding raised standards for Silver and Gold medals.
  • Dust Containment. The standard set for a residential vacuum is that its dust release level should not exceed 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter of air. The purpose of a vacuum is to contain all the dust, dirt and dander it collects and lock it in the vacuum, not allowing it to escape back into the atmosphere. A Gold Level vacuum has to match ambient air quality.
  • Carbon Fiber Protection. The unit should not result in more than a one-step change based on normal vacuum use of a year. In technical parlance this means ‘not very much’.

In addition, a vacuum cleaner has to meet carpet fiber protection standards along with the foregoing before being considered for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Seal Approval Rating. The CRI Seal of Approval program is intended to make vacuum cleaner selection easier for the customer. The Seal of Approval logo will be conspicuously displayed on the packaging and on the machine itself.

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Comments (42)

Paul Perito posted on: May 15, 2012

This is a new learning for me. I just discovered that carpet fibers are natural traps for allergens. I would surely purchase this kind of carpet.
Paul Perito

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anu posted on: September 30, 2013

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anon posted on: October 15, 2013

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