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Grout Free Tile – Konecto Vinyl Tile Flooring

By Jennifer Peck, (364 words) Posted in Vinyl Flooring on March 23, 2009
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Konecto® Logo a Metroflor CorporationKonecto vinyl tile flooring offers the beauty of stone and tile flooring with a grout free, hassle free floor. Many homeowners love the look of tile and stone but struggle with keeping their floors looking new because grout can attract dirt like a magnet and once dirty, tile and stone grout is difficult to clean. Tile and stone flooring can make a statement in a home but sometimes it can make the wrong statement – like "help my grout needs a serious cleaning." This is where the grout free vinyl tile floor from Konecto comes in.

Example of groutless tile vintl sheet from
Konecto®Konecto Vinyl tile flooring solves the problem of cleaning and maintaining grout by offering grout free vinyl tile flooring. Konecto vinyl tile is the master illusionist when it comes to flooring their vinyl tile can look just like beautiful marble, travertine and even slate. But the real beauty is the grout free installation. Tile or stone grout free flooring means your Konecto vinyl floors will look new for years to come. Did I mention that grout free is just one of the many benefits of Konecto vinyl tile. You get the ease of maintenance and cleaning of the entire floor and never have to worry about dropping a dish and chipping your tile or stone. If you have pets, this is a great choice for pet friendly flooring. Not only does this type of tile clean easily, it installs just as easy.

Konecto floors are ideal for do–it–yourself flooring installation because there is no grout to contend with. These vinyl tile floors are very flexible and can be installed over existing flooring like wood, concrete, vinyl, linoleum and ceramic tile. Konecto tile floors are not only grout free, they are glue and adhesive free. Each Konecto vinyl tile secures to the adjoining tile with a built in adhesive strip and compression. So if you want the look of stone and tile flooring without the cleaning and installation headache, try Konecto Vinyl tile flooring, it's the grout free flooring solution.


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Comments (26)

Becca (Grout Hater!!!) posted on: March 24, 2009

I hate grout! My tile floors look like they are 100 years old. The grout is yellow. Cleaning grout is impossible and if anyone has been able to maintain tile grout please lend me some ideas!I have done everything from bleaching to scrubbing my tile floor grout that I might just wear the entire floor away After doing some research on tile replacements I stumbled across this blog. Ill look into Konecto Vinyl Tile, I just hope its as good as this site says it is... Has anyone had any experience with this flooring brand? How was it? Did you do it yourself? was it easy? I need some advice.

Contributor posted on: March 24, 2009

Hi Becca,
Konecto is a great brand. Since you already have tile floors in your home the benefit of Konecto is that you can get the same tile look without the grout. Im sure you're happy to hear that. You can even choose a hardwood flooring look too. Do more research on whether or not you can install yourself or whether or not this brand is for you. There are other flooring types out there that include no grout like click lock flooring. I would also recommend going over some buying guides that would best suit your flooring choice.

Becca posted on: March 24, 2009

Thanks for the help!

Tanja posted on: August 20, 2009

I hate grout. it gets dirty, and its looks horrible after a while. yuck. I am glad to see that there are many different types of flooring available that are free of grout. Thanks for making a busy moms life a little easier!

daniel896 posted on: January 5, 2010

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Konecto has na advantage over other products. The design are so unique and elegant. - James Stuckey

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