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FAF Blog

Resilite Sports Products Inc.

By FAF Staff Writer, (215 words) Posted in Rubber Flooring on October 16, 2009
There are (178) comments permalink

Resilite, based in Sunbury PA, has been manufacturing a complete range of quality athletic mats for nearly fifty years. They produce mats for wrestling, gymnastics, tumbling, weightlifting, cheerleading and several other activities.

Resilite perfected wrestling mats manufactured from PVC rubber– nitrile foam with a vinyl painted surface in 1959. These were intended to replace the traditional horsehair–stuffed canvas–covered mats in use till then which often resulted in mat burns and were the cause of skin infections. Since the new mats were more resilient, lighter and safer, they were instantly accepted. Since 1963, Restile has been the official mat for NCAA Divisions I, II and III wrestling championships. Restile’s wrestling mats carry a 3–year warranty. They are fire–resistant and have an in–built anti–microbial protection.

With the passage of time, the company expanded and diversified its product range to include gymnastic and athletic mats and mats for martial arts, amongst others. The company is committed to developing and manufacturing mats to meet the needs of the community.

ResiTough, another product is specially made flooring for locker room and weight training floors. The floors offer outstanding durability and protection, are non–slip, absorb noise and vibrations and are easy to clean and maintain. ResiTough flooring comes as 24" x 24" interlocking tiles or rolls of 48" width.

The company also manufactures wall padding and wall panels perfect for gymnasiums, wrestling rooms and other permanent structures.

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Comments (178)

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