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FAF Blog

Buy Laminate Flooring for Less

By FAF Staff Writer, (289 words) Posted in Laminate Flooring on November 10, 2008
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If you're in the market for laminate flooring, chances are the low prices are part of what piqued your interest. Laminate floors can be a bargain compared to some other types of flooring, they can also offer the twin appeal of strength and beauty. But if you are bargain shopping, you'll still need to be able to answer the question: Is this deal too good to be true? We suggest you take a good look at the checklist below before you buy.

Five things to watch out for when buying laminate flooring:

  1. Thickness: The thinner the laminate flooring, the less durable and more affordable your floor will be. If you're planning to put your laminate flooring in a high-traffic area, you'll want thicker (and probably more expensive) floors.

  2. Surface texture: Lower-priced lines often have very flat, smooth surfaces. If you find textured laminate floors for a low price, that's a sign you're getting a very good deal.

  3. Backing: Less expensive laminate floors tend to have a thin paper backing instead of a moisture-resistant melamine backing layer. Note that paper backings make laminate flooring more susceptible to water damage.

  4. Abrasion (AC) rating: Laminate floors with higher AC ratings can handle more wear and tear. They are also more expensive. (The ratings run from 1 to 5.)

  5. Warranty: Before you buy, read all the conditions of the warranty carefully and check that the store has a good return policy... just in case. You want to be covered as much as possible against defects and damage. Keep in mind that limited warranties typically mean lower prices, and may be a reflection of product quality as well.


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Comments (22)

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