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FAF Blog

Frieze Carpet

By FAF Staff Writer, (294 words) Posted in Carpet on September 25, 2009
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Frieze carpet is made of twisted, curling fibers that give the carpet a rather distinctive, casual, shaggy appearance. It is in fact a cut pile carpet with a somewhat informal pattern. This is precisely the reason why Frieze carpets are an attractive option to interior designers for high–traffic areas as the twisted fibers hide footprints and dirt more effectively than other carpets. Hence they are often used in commercial areas.

Frieze carpeting is particularly popular for residential use because of the softness of the weave, the informal look and easy maintenance. Their popularity spurred a number of carpet manufacturers to manufacture them, which is why frieze carpets come in a wide variety of styles ranging from plain with short pile to the more luxurious that sport a thick long pile. Frieze carpets can be wall–to–wall and are also made in area rugs.

The essence of frieze carpet is the manufacturing process which entails knotting the pile through a resilient, stiff backing then shearing it to maintain a uniform length. Since the fibers are twisted they give the carpet a springy, resilient feel. They are generally made from soft textiles and are hence easy on bare feet.

The twists in the fibers have some limitations in that intricate patterns cannot be made in a frieze weave. Many carpet designers play around with variegated yarn for a less monotonous appearance. Hence a frieze carpet may have base color with contrasting flecks, to make it more interesting.

Nylon is a common choice in manufacture of frieze carpets. PET yarn and polyester are some other common carpet fibers used for frieze. Maintenance is relatively easy with routine vacuuming which removes dirt and serves to fluff up the pile. Frieze carpet is known for its durability and ability to absorb sound. They are readily available in a dynamic range of colors.

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Comments (24)

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