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FAF Blog

Carpet Installation Tips and Facts

By FAF Staff Writer, (488 words) Posted in Carpet on December 22, 2009
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Preparing for carpet installation

Have a clear understanding of what services the installer will provide. Some installers might have an additional charge for moving furniture, so you might like to handle this yourself.

Carpet installation should be the last exercise in a remodeled room. Ensure that painting and wall papering is completed and that the old carpet is vacuumed to reduce airborne dust and dirt during removal. Immediately after the carpet and cushion is removed, vacuum the sub–floor as well. The following should be done before installation commences:

  • The area being carpeted should be cleared of all breakable items. Wiring from TVs, VCR/DVD, stereo systems and computers should be disconnected and stored away.
  • The existing carpet and cushions should be removed. Many recycling options are available. Check for the nearest collection agency in your area.
  • Plan the carpet replacement with the minimum number of seams to be located in areas where they are least visible. However well installed, seams will still be visible.
  • Installed above a separate cushion, the carpeting has to be power stretched to prevent wrinkling and bubbling at a later stage.
  • Check that the sub–floor over which new carpet will be installed is sound, structurally. Repair any damages caused by water, insects or other problems.
  • Make sure the installer scrupulously follows the manufacturer’s instructions or those set out in the CRI Installation Standard, which can be downloaded.

On delivery of carpet

Check out the new carpet, its color, texture and style, and ensure it is free of visible defects. Once again, insist that the installation is done to manufacturer’s recommendations or as set out in the CRI Installation Standard. Power stretching is a must to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. To prevent de-lamination and edge ravel, seam edges must be sealed with recommended adhesive.

The Installation Process

New carpet may obstruct doors from freely opening and shutting. The installer should ideally remove the doors and re–hang them after installation. Doors might have to be trimmed if they still do not clear freely. The onus is on the owner to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air through the installation process. Keep doors and windows open, use an exhaust fan or keep the fan of the air conditioning or heating system on. The strong smell of new carpet will dissipate quickly, typically within 72 hours.


Some shredding or sprouting is to be expected immediately after installation. This is normal and will not compromise the life or beauty of the carpet. In such situations this is the remedy:

  • Shedding of loose fibers can be removed with regular vacuuming.
  • If single tufts sprout beyond the carpet’s surface, clip it off but under no circumstances try to pull it out.
  • An apparent color change becomes visible in various parts of the carpet which is known as shading or pile reversal. This is the result of light being reflected in different ways and pile fibers bending in different directions. This is characteristic in pile carpeting and no cause for alarm.
  • If wrinkling occurs, the retailer must immediately be informed. This might call for re–stretching the carpet.
  • For any other problems not mentioned above, call the retailer immediately.
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Comments (29)

Diana Windsor posted on: December 29, 2009

I think it's great tips and tricks to install carpet.If you follow these step you can avoid expenses by
installers.Great tips.

Ken R posted on: June 25, 2012

Always make sure these details are included in the contract of your carpet installer.

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jojo dy posted on: May 7, 2013

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