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Repairing Scratches in Hardwood Floors Using Timbermate Waxstix Touch Up Crayons

By FAF Staff Writer, (264 words) Posted in Care And Maintenance on September 10, 2009
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Repairing a scratch in your floor is a simple task with Timbermate Waxstix Touch Up Crayons. These wax sticks work on any finished flooring, including site finished, and prefinished hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, in addition to any wood products! Timbermate Waxstix are available in thirteen different colors to match alomst any floor stain or wood tone, and can be mixed for an endless range of colors. There is also a Waxstix Pro Kit available with all 13 colors and a butane powered soldering iron for melting the wax into the scratch, in a durable foam–lined plastic case.

Timbermate Waxstix Touch Up Crayons are easy to use and are very handy for quick repairs of scratched hardwood floors. Follow the easy steps below and watch the short video to repair scratches on your hardwood, laminate, or bamboo floors today!

  1. Before you begin, make sure the floor scratch or dent is free of dirt.
  2. Match the color of the wax stix to the floor. Because of variations in grain and color, Some floors will require multiple sticks.
  3. You can either rub the scratch flooring with the stick, or melt wax into the scratch.
  4. After a minute or two, scrape the excess wax from the floor using a plastic knife allowing the wax to be flush with the floor.
  5. The last step is to buff the repair area out, removing any excess wax. I like using a very fine buffing pad, but it can be done with a cloth, or some very fine sandpaper. (Just be sure not to scratch the finish on the floor!)


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Comments (10)

diesel-jenny posted on: September 23, 2009

I recently had a nasty scratch and big dent in my solid oak floor and I went back to the company I'd bought the floor from, British Hardwoods, and the owner very kindly offered to come and sort it out for me - free of charge - so I accepted! The area was sanded, steamed to raise up the dent, sanded and refinished. The area is now undistinguishable from the surrounding floor. It had a hard wax oil finish on it which is easier to patch repair than a laquer finish which would have required the whole floor to be sanded and refinished. Excellent job by British Hardwoods, good advice at time of purchase meant I'd gone the hard wax oil finish and not the laquers. Thank you British Hardwoods!

Gina posted on: December 14, 2009

hi, i have hard wood floors at home and I have several dents from when i had a party in OCT and other persons heels dug into my floors. Can these dents be repaired?

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boy sampid posted on: June 1, 2013

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