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FAF Blog

Removing White Glue From Carpet

By FAF Staff Writer, (333 words) Posted in Care And Maintenance on September 26, 2008
There are (84) comments permalink

Don't let the fun of a craft project come to an end just because you spill white glue on your carpet. What seems like a sticky situation can be resolved with a little know-how. I've compiled a list of different methods for removing glue from carpet below. Time is of the essence! The quicker you can remove the glue, the easier cleaning will be.

Note: When removing a stain you should generally blot rather than rub, as rubbing could embed the stain further into the carpet fibers. Additionally, when using a cleaning solution you should always test it on a small hidden spot first to ensure it won't damage your carpet.

Before choosing one of the methods below, gently scrape or wipe away excess glue. This will make cleaning a little less problematic. After that's done, you're ready to tackle the task of removing the remaining glue stain.

Fresh Glue

1) Mix 1 teaspoon of dish soap with a cup of warm (not hot) water and apply to the glue. Blot or (if needed) very gently rub the glue out of the carpet. Try not to use much pressure so you won't push the glue further into the carpet fibers.

2) Make an ammonia solution containing 1 tablespoon of ammonia in ½ a cup of water and apply to the stain. Blot, rinse and repeat as needed.

3) Gently scrub the glue away with a clean white cloth dipped in white vinegar. Then soak the area with warm water and repeat as needed.

Dried Glue

Sadly, dried glue can be nearly impossible to remove from carpet. You can try the above methods, but if they prove futile you might very carefully trim the carpet fibers to remove the glue. If the spot is small enough, you might also try the method discussed in our Cigarette Burn Repair blog!

If you have another method for removing white glue from carpet you can post it in a comment at the end of this blog!


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Comments (84)

Jamie posted on: September 26, 2008

Thanks so much for your blog. My son spilled glue on my carpet and I searched immediately online and found this blog. You saved my carpet! I can't thank you enough.

Andrew posted on: May 18, 2009

There was fresh glue spilled on carpet...Yesterday... I didn't know what to do until I found this posting. Thank you. The glue was involved in a glitter battle as well, I didn't think the glue would ever come out of the carpet and the glitter was destined to stay in the white snowy like carpet it wedged in but this worked! thank you for the helpful tricks!

Mariloli posted on: January 4, 2012

"Sadly, dried glue can be nearly impossible to remove from carpet."

I just read this and nearly had a heart attack. With nothing to lose,
I went to my son's bedroom an attempted to cut the dry glue from the carpet with a sharp knife. (The stain was larger than my hand.) Some of it came out but most of it didn't. Then I figured out the solution. (I don't know where the inspiration came from!)

I boiled a teapot of water and wet the dry glue stain with it. With a brand-new dish sponge (green side) I scrubbed hard. Incredibly, the entire thing came out!! (But you have to continue wetting the carpet with the steaming water and scrubbing.) I'm so happy and surprised it worked!! I thought I'd share the tip. Good luck with your stains!

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