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FAF Blog

Removing Chewing Gum From Carpet

By FAF Staff Writer, (270 words) Posted in Care And Maintenance on September 24, 2008
There are (40) comments permalink

Little Suzy wants to show you her best bubble gum bubble. A large pink globe of gum starts to form around her lips. It looks perfect until... it falls right onto the carpet. What a sticky situation! I've researched different ways to remove gum from your carpet and listed the most popular ones below. If you choose to use any of these cleaning solutions, make sure to test them on a small hidden spot of your carpet to ensure they won't damage or discolor your floor.

Try one of these methods:

1) Freeze the gum by filling a plastic zip-top bag with ice and applying, or by spraying the gum with canned air - the stuff used to blow-clean computer keyboards. (It's available at most electronic stores). After the gum is frozen, gently scrape the pieces off with a spoon (so you don't damage the carpet).

2) Pour a tablespoon of boiling water over the gum to melt it so you can just pull it off of the carpet with a clean cloth.

3) Place paper towels over the gum and then apply an iron on a low heat setting. The gum should stick to the paper towel.

4) Dissolve the gum (suggestions for this include peanut butter, egg whites, and warm vinegar) and then remove it from the fabric and clean out the residue.

There are obviously differing opinions as to whether heat or cold is best for removing gum. You'll need to see which methods work best for you. If you have a successful gum-removal tip, feel free to post a comment at the end of this blog!


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Comments (40)

Adrian posted on: September 26, 2008

I never thought of trying canned air. I happened to have some lying around and was able to chip most of the gum out. I used the ironing method after that and it's unnoticeable now. Thanks for your blogs. I highly enjoy reading them.

Xylitol Gum posted on: January 29, 2009

Accidents happen, even chewing gum stuck to carpet. Removing it, however, is pretty easy.....!!!

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